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Solar water pump
A solar powered pump is a pump running on the power of the sun. A solar powered pump can be more environmentally friendly and economical in its operation compared to pumps powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE) or nuclear power.
Unlike a normal pump (such as positive displacement pumps…), the solar powered pump is actually a more of a dictionary phrase than a technical one. It is only used to describe that there's a pump, being powered by another device (such as solar panels), being powered by the renewable electricity generated from the sun (solar electricity).
A solar powered pump thus consists of 2 parts :
The actual pump
The energy source being powered by the sun
Solar PV water pumping systems are used for irrigation and drinking water in India.
Technical specifications
Surface and Submersible Types
Up to 2HP rating pumps
Can lift water from depths up to 230 ft. (70 m)
and deliver up to 15,000 Lph (litters per hour)
3 Position Manual Tracking
Easy to install, minimum maintenance and completely serviceable
Over 2000 systems installed all over India
Salient features
Runs on any voltage 30-300v DC or 90-240v AC
Easy servicing
Dry-run protection (protects the motor from burning out)
Pump casing
Centrifugal pumps (enables high flow rate in low depth water conditions)
Solar panels tracking and support structure
Expansion possibilities
Cost-efficient pumping
Booster Service (used in application using pressurized systems or where lift is required from water to storage to end use)
Camp Sites
General Purpose Pumping
Liquid Transfer
Small Farms
Spraying Systems
Water Circulation
Water Supply for irrigation