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Solar Street Light
Solar street lighting system is an ideal lighting system for the illumination of streets, squares and cross roads located in areas that are not connected to the power grid. This fully integrated system combines the latest and most innovative technologies available providing years of convenient and trouble free lighting. Fully assembled factory tested kits are available with or without mounting poles.
The standalone solar photovoltaic street lighting system comprises of a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CF Lamp) OR light emitting diode(LED) as light source, re-chargeable battery for storage, PV modules for charging the battery, suitable electronics for the operation of the tamp and safe charging and discharging of the battery and mechanical hardware for fixing these sub systems.
SSL is available either with automatic dusk to dawn operation or with a pre-set timer.
SSL is available depending on the wattage of the SPV Module, type and size of the battery and mode of operation. Luminaries are also available with Low Pressure Sodium Vapor (SOX) lamps and higher wattages of compact fluorescent lamps against specific customer requirements.
The SOX lamp is a monochromatic (Yellow - Orange) light source - delivering the highest possible lumens per watt. CF Lamps provide slightly less lumens per watt, but produce a white light which actually appears brighter than SOX and should be used in areas where color rendition is critical.
Brightness comparison
LED light comparison: (30 incandescent bulbs per year equivalent, 30 bulbs glow for 5 hrs a day)
Salient features :
1. Reduce electricity bills by 85% compared to incandescent lamps.
2. Reduce electricity bills by 55% compared to conventional sodium and mercury lamps.
Technical specifications
Model GNSSL-11 : *every component can be customized according to the requirement
Solar module : 12 v - 40 WP (mono / poly crystalline cell) Battery capacity : 12 v - 42AH
Wattage of LED : 10.8 Watts
Charging hours : 5-6 hrs
Working hours : 12 hrs (dusk-dawn)
Back-up : 2 days
Pole height : 5 meter
Model GNSSL-22 : * every component can be customized according to the requirement
Solar module : 12v - 80WP (mono / poly crystalline cell)
Battery capacity : 12 v - 75AH
Wattage of LED : 21.6 Watts
Charging hours : 5-6 hrs
Working hours : 12 hrs (dusk-dawn)
Back-up: 2 days
Pole height: 5 meter
Salient features
No more electricity bills
No wire and no power-cuts
Weather proof design
Rust free fitting components
Anti-corrosive innovative Tripod legs for high stability and strength
High efficiency PV batteries
Up to 4 days system autonomy
Auto on / off, dusk-to-dawn operation
Ready to install, negligible maintenance
Our automatic LED control is pre-configured to optimize light output for the heaviest times of pedestrian activity. First 4 hrs after dusk at full brightness and at half that till dawn.
Roads, Highways, Bridges, Flyovers, Yards
Townships and Housing Colonies
Forest Areas, Watch Towers
Hotels & Resorts
Railway & Shipyards