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1. Why Solar Power?
India continues to experience significant delays and disruptions in bringing non-renewable energy online. The country faces the daunting task of adding 500 MWsof power generation per week for the next 25 years to maintain GDP growth of 8% per annum.
Development :  The average American consumes 96% more power per year than the average Indian. The average Chinese person consumes 77% more power per year than the average Indian. For India to maintain its fast development, power availability needs to increase. The areas in greatest need are unelectrified or functionally unelectrified. These areas will have to wait for many more years before a reliable, robust grid reaches them. G-NEXTER ENERGIES thinks they should not have to wait.
Improve your environment :  Investing in solar energy now will create a long-term path towards a more sustainable planet. Moreover, if India invests in this technology now, the cost of reducing carbon intensity in the future will be reduced. Finally, one of our 2 MWfacilities eliminates CO2 emissions equivalent to that of 550,000 trees. Now that's green.
Clean and Affordable :  Solar is available everywhere. Using solar power will reduce your reliance on dirty fuels. Diesel generators cost Rs 12 to Rs 20 per kWh and need to be replaced every 5-7 years. Diesel's price will continue to rise. The sun never charges more for its fuel, so we won't charge you more either. You lock in price security.
High Reliable : Our experienced operations team delivers on our promises to you.
Environmental Benefits : No noxious emissions. No noise. No pollution. Good for your business and for your community.
Strong business ethics : We always deliver what we claim. We do not hide behind fine print or "conditions apply"
Commitment to customer : we make no compromises on quality. we deliver value for money. We offer prompt and professional service through our nationwide network of sales and service support. We provide genuine warranties.
Widest range of products : we continue to invest extensively in technology to deliver the latest to our customers.
Responsibility : Environmental responsibility is at the core of our company's reason for existence. We care passionately about creating a long-term strategy for protecting the environment, while providing people with the fuel to power their development.
Dedication : We deliver on our promises. We are not a press release driven company. We focus on results.
3. When Can I Get My System?
Inspection : G-NEXTER ENERGIES will perform a thorough analysis of your site to ensure suitability and forecast generation potential.
Design : G-NEXTER ENERGIES engineering team will custom design the optimal system for your unique facility.
Installation : In coordination with your facility management group, we will install, test, and commission your system. We use the best components so that we can provide you more power at a lower cost.