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About Us
G-NEXTER ENERGIES fuels India's growth using solar energy. We plan to drive development through providing our unique distributed solar system service to communities, governments, and commercial customers throughout India. As our company grows, our customers will develop their economic strength fueled by clean solar power. Our company's core success lies in its inner circle of dedicated employees.
World Class solar solution provider touching a Billion lives.
G-NEXTER ENERGIES will prove that solar energy is the most beneficial power generation source for forward-thinking power consumers in India. G-NEXTER ENERGIES's distributed solar power generation model will provide clean electricity to consumers in the greatest need.
G-Nexter's mission is to accelerate the global transition to a low-carbon economy. Building a better world for generations to come.
Our leadership team
Our senior leadership team draws from diverse backgrounds, but shares a common purpose - powering India's economic development by providing consumers clean, renewable energy. The team of committed and competent professionals, who share the Company's vision, who participate in its mission, who believe in its values.
India has a sustainable weather condition for various types of energy production. Not only in solar power, and also for other techniques we can reduce the amount of co2 emitted in the atmosphere. Our R&D engineers collaborate these technologies to other part of core industries like transport, telecommunication, food corporation and many more. Our G-Nexter Energies team engineers are well-versed with the current technologies and get updated frequently. We focus on developing renewable power source for both domestic & commercial buildings and we deal with all kind of customers from government to private sectors with a powerful relation & support. Lets extend our supporting hands for future technology along with our G-Nexter Energies team in order to save our next generation. We touch billion lives with smarter and safer technology.
Mr. MOHAMMAD RIAZ - Co-Founder & COO
Urja shakthi
"Urja shakthi" aims at engaging like-minded individuals, decision-makers and opinion-leaders in an ongoing dialogue on Solar Energy, its versatile applications, its economic viability, its relevance in the future and its awesome potential in enhancing the quality of life of millions across the world. The activities of this not-for-profit Programme include regular interactive sessions, with NGOs, Educational Institutions, Research Establishments and Industries, with the objective of promoting and propagating Solar Energy. These Workshops are conducted all over the country.
Organized technical lectures for students of various institutions, to spread awareness about Solar Energy, its applications and advantages.